I’m a sucker for a gorgeous tablescape! 

There are so many details that go into a wedding. It’s impossible to list them all. Even if I started to recite them all you’d still be sitting here listening a week from now. So no worries! I won’t bore you with my internal checklist and instead I’ll share with you something that I’ve loved long before I started wearing a sparkler on my left hand – the tablescape!

For those of you in the dark, a tablescape is the layout of how a table is decorated for an event. It can be anything from an intimate dinner party to a gala or, in my case, a wedding. A tablescape can be pretty minimal with a standout floral arrangement or it can be incredibly ornate. If you’ve been paying attention to earlier posts in my wedding series then you know that I’m big on details and the small things that add up to make something unique and special. It could be a beautifully designed dress, an alternative bride, bridal party, or even a cool engagement ring. There are times, as you’ve seen in other posts, where I don’t shy away from a few of those loud elements that really standout. Still, I want to stress that I’m just as much a fan of subtle structured moments as I am intricate ones. It’s all about the vibe and whatever works for you at that time.

When looking through tablescape after tablescape I made sure to include a few different styles and color themes so there is something for everyone. You can check out more decorative table settings and my bridal whims on Pinterest and just remember to just click on the links if you want to see the full bridal stories below.

Weddings: A Killer Tablescape 5

Image via Style Me Pretty

Weddings: A Killer Tablescape 3

Image via MODWedding 

Weddings: A Killer Tablescape 2

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

Weddings: A Killer Tablescape

Image via Festival Brides

Weddings: A Killer Tablescape 4

Image via MODWedding

Weddings: A Killer Tablescape 1

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

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What tablescape style do you prefer? Let me know what you think, browse through my Pinterest Board, and have a great weekend!

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