Fairytale Gowns by Paolo Sebastian!

And . . . we’re back to bridal musings again! You can check out my wanderlust dreams and some of my favorite Instagrammers or even get caught up with my last bridal post. Friday’s will still be a revolving door of whatever I take a fancy to and wedding eye candy will always be a constant.

Now, I think I mentioned at some point that I’m not the typical sort of fairytale bride. The last thing I want is for my 5’3″ frame to disappear in piles of tulle shaped like a giant cupcake. Still, when I came across these fairytale gowns by Paolo Sebastian I paused for a second. Some of you may know that I’m a huge Game of Thrones addict fan but you might not know that I’m a pretty big proponent of the fantasy genre as a whole. Give me some magic, a mythical being or 12 of some kind, an attractive cast, and I’m all in! So when I saw these amazing fairytale gowns by Paolo Sebastian I was immediately transported to Westeros and pretty much every other fantasy land I’ve ever dreamed up in my head. Each piece seems to be made for princesses from various enchanted forests and is far from your normal run of the mill dress. I could easily see someone from Once Upon a Time or a live action Disney character sporting one of these Paolo Sebastian fairytale creations and I’m tempted to maybe try one on just to see.

I’m pretty certain about what type of dress I’d like to wear, which happens to be different from these styles. Still, I think that half the fun of planning a wedding is trying on all of those beautiful garments as you search for your dress. There’s no harm in trying something on and I’ve heard that it’s best to go into your wedding dress appointment with a general idea of what you want and some added flexibility. You don’t want to go into your search only looking for mermaid silhouettes and not even try on the shift dress that might end up suiting you more. The bridal consultant knows what shapes and fabrics will go nicely with your body type, and although you should stick to your guns and go after the fairytale gown of your dreams, it doesn’t mean that testing out alternatives should be out of the question.

I haven’t started fully looking for my dream dress but stumbling across these designs by Paolo Sebastian have made me think about branching out a bit in my search. A cupcake dress is still the furthest thing that I would want but then again I haven’t tried one on. Maybe if I come across a style that feels more like a Paolo Sebastian gown I’ll end up in a big poofy skirt after all. haha. I doubt it but you never really know right? Plus, not all of his designs are in the traditional exaggerated full skirt style. There are slinky numbers and incredibly unique dresses that vary in length as well as artistic flair. You can check out more of my bridal whims on Pinterest and remember to just click on the images if you want to see the full looks below.

Paolo Sebastian - The Nightingale Collection

paolo sebastian the secret garden collection

paolo sebastian secret garden collection

paolo sebastian the secret garden collection

paolo sebastian secret garden collection

paolo sebastian the sleeping garden

Paolo-Sebastian paolo sebasion nightingale collection

All Images via Hello May here, here and here

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