I’ve said this before in a previous post but I feel like this year is really going by quickly. I’ve also spent a good amount of time talking about Spring, its weather, and all the things that come with it. Recently, this season has me in more of a reflective as well as forward thinking mood.

Some of you may remember that I have a wedding to plan! However as I mentioned before A and I decided to hold off on the actual planning part. A friend of mine is getting married this month and we didn’t really feel like having to squeeze in all of the tasks that go into wedding planning in between all of the events we’d be attending for her special day. As her big day quickly approaches, I’ve been thinking more and more about finally getting off the couch and getting our own festivities in order. I’m not quite sure where to begin but I know I’d like to share this journey with you all.

Now don’t worry! I know a lot of you are Pinterest fans but just because I’m beginning to talk about weddings doesn’t mean that Violet Roots is going to all of a sudden turn into one big Pinterest board. I say these words now but I’ve seen people do stranger things once wedding bells are thrown into the mix so maybe I’ll change my mind later. Either way you’ve been warned and getting a little Pinterest obsessed (which a lot of us are already with or without a ring) isn’t a crime!

With that being said each week I’d like to let you guys in on all the wedding related things swirling through my mind. Everything from big picture stuff, like color scheme and venue, to the smaller stuff and everything in between will find it’s way right here every Friday. I’ll share with you some of my favorite wedding themed posts from around the world and give you a peek inside my special day when it finally comes to fruition down the line. This is an incredible time period and I’m really looking forward to checking in with you guys a bit more frequently as I start to share more about this aspect of my life with you.

To kick things off this week I thought I’d keep things light and share three of my favorite wedding posts from around the web and what I like about them. You can click the links below the pictures to check out the full wedding stories and if you want you can also check out my Pinterest board too!

Valentina Glidden Fine Art Photography

Image via MODWeddingValentina Glidden Fine Art Photography

1. We’re not sure where we want to have our ceremony, what exact time of the year we’d like to have it or even who exactly will make it onto the guest list. I wasn’t kidding when I said we put the planning on hold. Still, the one thing we both know is that we’d like to have something that is mostly outdoors and I feel like this image gets that vibe across.

moroccan wedding1 - green wedding shoes

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

2. Some of you might be saying “Hey that looks a bit like pink! Monika says she doesn’t like pink.” You’d be right on both accounts. However with a little imagination I could turn those flowers into any color I choose. Let’s not kid ourselves though, you know I’ll pick something purple.

capri-wedding- green wedding shoes

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

3. You guys probably haven’t seen the wedding pictured above but it’s so perfect it has me convinced that someone plucked the design from my dreams one night and turned it into reality. As mentioned before, I’d prefer something outside and I’d love it if things were intimate too. The chandeliers hanging from the trees here are pretty stellar and I’m obsessed!

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Thanks for indulging my bridal whims! Share what you think, browse through my Pinterest Board, and have a great weekend!

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