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Happy Friday and welcome to my very first installment of #VRxLove featuring Deborah from Style by Deb!

A little over a month ago I talked about giving back to the blogging community and to thank your followers. In my search to thank the people who have supported me I came up with the idea for #VRxLove. In this bi-monthly feature I’ll introduce one of my followers to you while simultaneously promoting them and all of their content on my social channels for two weeks. It’s the least I can do for the people who have given so much back to me. Deborah is an incredibly sweet fashion blogger and I always look forward to reading her endearing posts so without further ado let’s get to know her!

#VRxLove: Meet Style by Deb and see the lovely blogger featured in this monthly segment. Click through the image to see more!

Let us know a few things about yourself and your blog!

I live in a rather small city in Argentina and I’m the only fashion blogger here. How small is it? Well, we don’t even have a Zara so… you decide. Music was my first love and as with any silly, passionate first love, I did something crazy: I got a treble clef as my very first tattoo (I don’t regret it, tho).

I noticed this passion is something I share with Monika, as she’s a total music junkie, too! I write my blog posts in both English and Spanish, the latter because it’s my native language, but for some strange reason I feel I can show my personality better when writing/speaking in English, so I start writing in that language and then I translate it to Spanish. You know when people say ‘you have to find your voice’? Well, I’m quite sure that ‘voice’ of mine speaks in English!

What do you love most about blogging?

This might sound cliché but what I love most about blogging is that I can connect with other people from all over the world that I couldn’t have met otherwise. Making OOTDs and writing articles about trends would feel a little bit pointless if there wasn’t anybody out there reading them. That’s why I get excited for every comment I receive on my posts and I don’t take any of my readers for granted.

Do you have any fun facts or an interesting story to share?

Okay, what about this one. I think I’ve never said this so candidly on my blog so it’s like sort of an exclusive for Violet Roots 😉 The REAL reason of why I created Style by Deb was due to a moment of total crisis in my life!

Yes, in the middle of my studying courses I realized that my real passion was FASHION but I didn’t dare to quit my studies and start a fashion-related course from scratch, yet I felt I had to do something about it. When I launched Style by Deb in 2013 I felt like I was finally doing something I truly love and let me tell you, that feeling hasn’t changed. <3

#VRxLove: Meet Style by Deb and see the lovely blogger featured in this monthly segment. Click through the image to see more!

Share some love! Name a few blogs that you’d recommend!

  • Make Life Easier: Sometimes I wonder why this blog isn’t huge yet. The tittle is self-explanatory; it’s a blog written by three beautiful Polish ladies with the premise of making your life easier with fashion tips, great OOTDs and healthy food recipes. The only downside of it is that it’s mostly written in Polish so you may wanna Google translate it first, but it’s worth it.
  • A Glass of Ice: High quality photos and an excellent writing are two of the many assets of this British blog. It’s gorgeous blogger Gabrielle somehow reminds me of Kristina Bazan in her beginnings, not only because they’re two blonde beauties but also because they feature lifestyle, travels, fashion and beauty with very professional and quality standards from day one.
  • Fake Leather: It’s time to share some Latina love here! 😉 Fake Leather was like my little discovery years ago and I was hoping Mexican blogger Adriana gets the recognition she’s finally getting nowadays. Her outfits are always impeccable, I love the fact that she also writes in English and Spanish, and the magazine-like layout she uses for her posts is genius. Gotta say her blog and her Instagram account got me equally obsessed!
  • Journal of Style: Can I just start saying that Ira, the blogger, is such a sweetheart? But wait, this German beauty’s style is killer, fashion-forward and even badass. With her signature monochrome black and white outfits (sometimes with a pop of color/print here and there, or some ultra-cool pair of shoes or bag), her blog didn’t go unnoticed for local German magazines. Bonus: her fine eye for finding (and thank goodness, sharing) the coolest editorials and fashion-related art out there!

#VRxLove: Meet Style by Deb and see the lovely blogger featured in this monthly segment. Click through the image to see more!

Before I go: Monika, thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! It was such a fun experience and a real honor to be featured in one of my fave blogs, Violet Roots. I truly appreciate it. <3 xx

Once again, I’m so happy to have formally introduced Deborah to all of you. As you can see, she’s really sweet and well worth the attention. I definitely recommend that you check out Style by Deb and her blogger suggestions. If you follow me and would like to be featured don’t hesitate to get in touch!

In the spirit of #VRxLove leave a few recommendations of your own below and have a great weekend!

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