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Hey guys! Welcome to my third installment of #VRxLove featuring Kelly from Kellmenow!

We’re gonna keep the #VRxYR1 momentum going in this special week-long series with another installment of #VRxLove and if you missed Day 1 of my week long blogging marathon then check out 6 Essential Blogging Tools!

I really look forward to taking a moment to tip my hat to the other influencers out in there in the world who are killing it – or in this situation kelling it – and who make my blog roll a bit brighter each week. If you’re new to the tribe and haven’t seen the past bi-monthly features then feel free to meet fellow bloggers Izzy and Deborah! 

For today’s post I’m more than happy to introduce you to Kelly, the skull enthusiast, activist and bay area transplant in charge of Kellmenow! Last fall I met up with Kelly for a drink in the east village and it was SO MUCH FUN!

She’s a breath of fresh air and I immediately felt comfortable with her. For me, someone who is very guarded (despite running a blog), that says a lot. When I click with someone and vibe with what they’re about then I know I’ve met someone special and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. 

VRxLove: Kelly from Kellmenow - click through for the full interview!

Let us know a few things about yourself and your blog!

I am experiencing the quarter century of my life, a resident of the greatest city in the world: NYC and currently a graduate student at Parsons.

I split my time between managing kellmenow, writing, school, being an associate features editor for fashion brand awareness company: Project Just and volunteering at a women’s homeless shelter in East New York on the weekends. I essentially, get to live my dream everyday. I just realized that. Right now.

Wow! My greatest passions in life are: styling, writing, women’s empowerment, animal rights and raising awareness to fashionable consumers so they can make more considerate choices when purchasing apparel. All of which I get to discuss on kellmenow. All of which I get to touch in someway or another, everyday. I have deep respect for fashion as an art, but there are many things about the industry that need to change.

Most specifically, disrupting the supply as well as production chain. It is time to promote, instead of exploit, the largest global rising economy (according to yours truly), women in third world countries. The designs these women create are absolutely stunning.

Need proof? Check out Next time you need to buy a gift for someone, or something support these women instead of Nordstrom, or H&M. Make a difference, because you can. This will be my life’s work. This is why I came to New York. This is why I study at Parsons. This world needs change, I can’t wait to change it!!!

VRxLove: Kelly from Kellmenow - click through for the full interview!


What do you love most about blogging?

Why do I blog? I love it. Why do I love it? I have never been part of a community that is so respectful, encouraging, and uplifting of women. In a world, even fashion, that has been dominated by men; I see blogging as an excellent way to express oneself creatively via a platform that has never before been as accessible to such a vast audience. Blogs. The Internet. Did you know in 1999 there were 5 fashion blogs? By 2005 there were over 5,000.

Fashion and clothing have historically been managed almost entirely by male designers, male fashion photographers, and so on. Well that’s all changing, slowly changing, but still changing. I think it’s great. Only through the computer screen lens of blogging are women entirely able to construct their own image of self in the fashion world on a large-scale.

A representation of self that is completely defined by you. Women are able to define themselves, instead of letting men define them. Blogging is also essential because I have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with FANTASTIC individuals from quite literally all over the eARTh. The women of the blogosphere understand that we are all working towards goals and support each other. It’s inspiring.

VRxLove: Kelly from Kellmenow - click through for the full interview!

Do you have any fun facts or an interesting story to share?

You should go to Kellmenow for the highlights. You should contact Kelly directly for the nitty-gritty. I am writing a memoir.. and I have a feeling you will enjoy it..If you’re into witty humor that borders on dirty. Hey I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination. Also, don’t ask me when it’s going to be finished, “You can’t rush art!”

Share some love! Name a few blogs that you shouldn’t die without viewing and why!

Violet Roots (duh, like you didn’t see that one coming!) Journal Of Style, Straight A Style, Love From Berlin, Spicy Bell, What Would V Wear, The Daily Luxe, The Italian Glam, The Petite Diaries (I’m nowhere near petite at 5’9″ but even I, love the way she works it). Just to name a few, there are so many wonderful and worthwhile women out there that have incredible perspectives on not only style, but life in general!

VRxLove: Kelly from Kellmenow - click through for the full interview!

She’s amazing right? Share your thoughts on Kelly from Kellmenow and in the spirit of #VRxLove leave a few recommendations of your own below!

Let me know in the comments and remember to check back every day leading up to 2/17 for new content!

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