Meet Bangs Bang

For my fifth #VRxLove blogger of the month feature let’s get to know Dora from Bangs Bang!

The other four ladies featured in this series (Deborah, Izzy, Rachel & Kelly) have all played a part in my blogging progression in one way or another and Dora is no different! Dora is one the very first bloggers that I connected with at the beginning of my blogging journey.

She’s also the very first blogger that I collaborated with on a brunch style linkup that was a lot of fun to put together. I have to admit that I cringed a little when I looked over that post but times have changed and so has my blogging aesthetic so I can’t really be upset about that. 

We all grow and learn and evolve and I’m actually pretty happy that through blogging I’m able to reach new heights and met new people all over the world as I do it. 

I’m sure some of you are already familiar with Dora, her fresh take on personal style, and her willingness to always share her thoughts and opinions as honestly as possible. If not, I’m glad that I can introduce her to you today! 

Let us know a few things about yourself and your blog!

I am Dora Toubanaki studying fashion design in Greece. People that know me well would describe me as ‘crazy’. I am just that but in the non-harmful way. Designing is something I feel like I would never get bored of doing. When I discovered it something just clicked -I swear there is such a thing and I am so grateful to have found it.

I plan on leaving Greece and studying some more in fashion and working abroad. My way of thinking has always been a little bit different from everyone in Greece and I always get weird looks when I state my opinion -which is considered normal for all my foreign friends. I would say majority of the people here are not open-minded.

I love Greece, I really do love this beautiful country but I guess if you want to be the best at what you do you should have no borders!


#VRxLove: Dora from Bangs Bang - Giving back to the blogging community is so important! In my bi-monthly installment of #VRxLove meet fashion and style blogger Dora from Bangs Bang!


What do you love most about blogging?

Blogging took me out of my shell. I was too shy for words to describe. So shy that I would never show my whole face in my facebook profile picture let alone pose in front of a camera to share my outfit! If you ever told me that I would be doing just that some years later I would have laughed. So how can I not have faith that everything is possible if you put your mind on it?

One more thing I love about blogging is meeting new people! It has always been about the people! When they asked me as a kid what job I would like to do when I grow up I would always say “I don’t care as long as I get to travel the world”. How amazing is that we get to meet people from ALL over the world through our blogosphere?

I get to learn more about their lives as we share our experiences and I have grown as a person with that. If I could blend my culture with everyone else’s I would be the happiest person in the world.


#VRxLove: Dora from Bangs Bang - Giving back to the blogging community is so important! In my bi-monthly installment of #VRxLove meet fashion and style blogger Dora from Bangs Bang!


Do you have any fun facts or an interesting story to share?

I have to dig deep for that one as my life is not that interesting at the moment – college is filling my mind and daily life.

Hmm let’s see…

Going a few years back when my mum was trying to see if I had any talents and enrolling me in way too many ballet, karate, art, theater classes (thank God she forgot singing classes and saved some people’s ear drums).

So yeah- in the period were I was pretending to be a graceful ballet dancer, we were doing a little show for the parents to see how cute we were. I was on the stage and the theater was actually filled with way too many people from what I remember. My parents and big brother were not seated and were too close to the stage for some reason and I could see them quite well.

As I was pretending to be a flower with my little tutu and big flower-made-of-paper hat I spotted my brother holding a roasted corn (they were selling those just outside the theater in a street vendor). When I spotted him I stopped dancing on the spot. Threw my flower hat down and went to a corner close to them and yelled that I wanted a roasted corn too and would not get back on the routine if they don’t get me one too. In my defense, I was about 7 years old!


Share some love! Name a few blogs that you’d recommend and why!

Monika! Your blog of course! I love Violet Roots and I have been ‘abroad’ for quite a long time! I am so proud of your work so far! You keep on getting better and better! I love Music Monday and how you introduce me to so many new and old artists! You keep my playlist updated!!

A Glass Of Ice from Gabrielle. Amazing photography and great writing skills! You can see so many articles about her travels and you would love her “Hotel Wishlist” series of posts!!

Left Bank Girl a Parisian at heart. If you love the city of lights and fashion then you would love her blog! You travel in Paris just by reading her blog!

Reflection of Sanity by Shireen. Everything I know about makeup and beauty products is thanks to her. You will love her detailed reviews and the way she writes is like she is referring to a friend rather than a person she doesn’t know.

I would love to add more but then this post will be so loong!!

#VRxLove: Dora from Bangs Bang - Giving back to the blogging community is so important! In my bi-monthly installment of #VRxLove meet fashion and style blogger Dora from Bangs Bang!

Share your thoughts on Dora from Bangs Bang and in the spirit of #VRxLove leave a few recommendations of your own below!

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