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Some of you may already be aware of this but I love thrift stores! There is nothing better than finding a hidden vintage gem in a sea of clothes for an excellent price. The only thing that rivals finding that hidden treasure is knowing that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to make the sustainable choice. Style mavens like Addie from Old World New are a wonderful example of that fact! 

Hello everyone! My name is Addie and I blog at Old World New, a life + style blog about thrift style and sustainability. I love sharing my thrift and sustainable finds in hopes of educating others about our power in salvaging our planet. Also, because thrift + sustainable + ethical fashion is the best fashion, in my opinion! Monika invited me to Violet Roots to share a few of my favorite thrifted things. I hope y’all enjoy!

Vintage Crochet Collar

When I finally moved into my own apartment in Texas, it was only right that I spend a few weekends exploring all of the thrift stores in my immediate vicinity. I remember squeezing my way through one that had a different theme in every room, and each room was packed to the max. I made my way to the “chic” room all the way at the back, and I immediately fell in love with the hats from different eras, real fur animal stoles, and this little dainty crochet masterpiece. I hadn’t seen anything like it before, so I just assumed it was a misplaced doily or handkerchief. Upon further inspection, I found the clasp and quickly place it around my neck. I was wearing t-shirt, sweat pants, and my hair was a complete mess, but I instantly saw so many visions of beautiful outfits with this collar. Pairing it with a modern cropped shirt and a vintage high waist skirt perfectly sums up my style. Old + New will forever be timeless and classic in my book.

addie-old-world-new-5260addie-old-world-new-5239 addie-old-world-new-5269 addie-old-world-new-5218

Wooden Lady in Blue

This little lady was one of the first pieces of art on my walls in my first apartment in college. I found her at my favorite thrift store in my home town (same town as my college town) and was intrigued. I love different cultures, learning about them, and incorporating what I learn into my life. I’m not sure where the lady represented in the carved drawing hails from, but her beauty is undeniable. I love her hair, the look of fabric of her clothes, and the blue against the wood color is striking. If you look at the piece close up, you can see that it was made by hand. It is remarkably brilliant in its simplicity. I will probably never get rid of it, so it will always have a home on some wall wherever I go. I love it so!

DSC01117Wooden Asian Lady in Blue Saree

I don’t normally go into this much depth when I talk about my thrift finds on my own blog, so I’m in heaven being able to share the stories behind these pieces that I love so much. Visit my blog anytime to see more thrift fashion from myself and weekly features for Thrift It! Clique. Thank you Monika for having me here. Xoxo, dolls & dudes! – Addie at Old World New.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing Addie’s thrifting stories as much as I did! Doesn’t she look fantastic in that crochet piece? I’ve always found that learning about the stories behind the pieces someone owns is a great way to get to know more about them in ways you wouldn’t expect.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on her thrift store scores below!

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