The Thrifted Denim Dress

Hello guys! Today let’s dive head first into our wardrobe and talk about the style staple that is the denim dress. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately but the blog never sleeps right? So here is the last remaining bit from my Ithaca trip from a couple of months ago that I promised to show you here. It’s also the first part of one of my brand new blog series that I teased in my letter from the editor

All of us want to develop our style and adapt to the times but we shouldn’t have to go broke to do that. For a long time I’ve been an advocate of thrift store shopping and I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite thrifted gems with you. Recently, during my visit to Ithaca I stopped in a thrift store and walked out with three dress for under twenty dollars! No I didn’t cast a spell on the saleswoman. Although, if my Halloween costume was the real deal that would be awesome! I didn’t beg, barter or steal either. That’s just the magic of the thrift store!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the #dealsfordays that thrift stores carry in spades! You can buy a relatively new denim dress along with plenty of other well-known brand gear and hoards of unique items. However, when I get a new catalog in the mail, peruse through a store, or check my inbox, like you, I’m undoubtedly inundated with thousands of brand new items. Admittedly, the impulse can be to fill up your online cart, and eagerly await for your apparel to arrive at your doorstep.

I have nothing against buying new items. I saw a denim dress just yesterday that I had heart eyes over along with a faux fur jacket, 98% of the Balmain x H&M collection or anything ever made by Proenza Schouler ever. Still I can’t deny the environmental, not to mention wallet-friendly, possibilities that buying second-hand creates. After all, I like to experiment with my style and test out a few things here and there and I’d much rather do that for a grand total of five dollars than fifty plus.

With every “Thrift Store Scores” feature I’ll share a tip from one thrift store veteran to you along with showing you that it’s more than possible to style your discounted thrift store finds with your standard commercial pieces or even with high-end brands. When it comes to the subject of clothes it’s not always about the label, it’s about how those clothes make you feel when you’re in them. Who wouldn’t want to look like a million bucks but only pay a fraction of the price?

Thrift Tip #1: Get past any misgivings you might have about wearing clothes that were probably worn by someone else first. I always wash my clothes before I wear them and if you think about it multiple people have probably tried on that denim dress you’ve been eyeing from the Gap too. There isn’t much difference it’s just a mind game.

Blazer: H&M (similar), Thrifted Dress: Originally from Target (similar), Shoes: H&M (similar)

What do you think of my thrifted denim dress? Let me know and check out similar styles below!

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