Creative Command: Samantha Kaplan, Abstract Painter

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Samantha Kaplan today! Not too long ago I sent some love to a few other awesome women who are some of the best Instagram Artists out there. Although creativity encompasses more than just art I always get a little giddy when I get to put my art nerd hat on!

Samantha Kaplan is the latest addition to the wonderful female artists featured on Violet Roots. I admire her desire to not only share her craft but to highlight the beauty of the world around us. She does her best to put the focus on the earth we live in and all of those small details that make life incredible. You can see just how much she cares in the rich atmosphere of her paintings and I like the bit of magic you can see throughout.

Not every creative who receives a spotlight here is an artist but even if art isn’t your thing you’ll still be able to find relatable moments. I hope that you enjoy learning more about Samantha Kaplan’s art and that parts of her journey and insight resonate with you!



1. Tell us your name, about your blog, biz, or creative pursuits!

My name is Samantha Kaplan. I am an abstract landscape painter who strives to create paintings that celebrate the life and forces that exist on this planet. My paintings have been exhibited in the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New Paltz, NY, the Art About Water exhibition in Newburgh, NY, the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT, and at the Katonah Museum of Art in Katonah, NY.



Creative Command: Samantha Kaplan, Abstract Painter

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2. How would you define “Creativity”?

Creativity is getting in touch with your inner self and thinking outside of the box. It’s exploring the unknown and being willing to discover what will happen. This could apply to painting, cooking, trying a new writing style, traveling, etc. The list goes on.


3. What would you say to someone who thought you had to be an artist in order to be creative?

Creativity applies to so many aspects of life. Art is typically referred to as a creative field but there are so many ways you can be creative in your life. (Click to Tweet) You can be creative in your decision making, in the way you design your days, in the way that you cook your meals, in the way that you communicate with others, etc.

I believe creativity is honestly thinking outside of the box. It is thinking beyond the general structure that most people follow. It’s opening up your mind to discover what’s possible in this world. (Click to Tweet)


4. Would you consider yourself a creative person? Has it been something you’ve worked toward or is it natural to you?

I think I’ve always been a creative person. I have been doing arts and crafts projects ever since I was a little kid. I used to get arts and crafts gifts as birthday presents growing up. But I have worked towards being a professional artist. That is something that has taken years of hard work and is why I am where I’m at today.



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5. What do you do to keep yourself in the creative mindset?

I often listen to music. I will also visit galleries and museums so I can continue to learn and stay inspired. And I will read books and listen to podcasts that continue to motivate and inspire me.


6. What creative mantra or quote resonates with you the most?

“Be the Change You Wish to see in the World”


7. How has creativity impacted your blog or business?

My whole business exists because of my creativity. I am an artist today because I chose to pursue a creative pursuit. I am also always trying to think outside of the box whenever it comes to creating new work and growing my business.



Creative Command: Samantha Kaplan, Abstract Painter 1

The Release by Samantha Kaplan



8. What inspires you to create and achieve your goals?

I am inspired by knowing the impact that I could make in this world. I really want to make money so I can continue to give back to the world. I also know that this is ultimately what I am supposed to be doing. There is nothing else that truly inspires me or excites me as much as pursuing my dreams of being a professional artist.


9. What does it look and feel like when you’re in creation mode?

When I am in creation mode, I usually have Pandora on and am in the zone. I am either with a pen drawing in my sketchbook or in my studio surrounded by my large-scale paintings, a bunch of brushes, and palette knives. I honestly don’t have anything on my mind. I am just working in a flow not realizing that time is passing by. 🙂



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10. What do you do to get past feeling blocked? Do you have a strategy?

I would travel to a place or do something that will inspire you. I often visit galleries and museums. Or you can start a new project that will get you excited and motivate you. There are times when I don’t know how to move forward with a painting so I will start a new one or work on another one that will inspire or inform the current painting that I am working on.

I honestly think the key is to keep going. The ones who make it are the ones who continue to show up even when they don’t feel inspired or even when they’re tired. (Click to Tweet) I would advise to keep creating until you push past it.


11. What tools or tips would you offer to other creatives (in general or specifically in your field) who find themselves uninspired?

I would suggest that you treat yourself by either going to a gallery or a museum or travel to a place that is going to excite you and inspire you. I often love to travel to the ocean because I’m always able to think clearly whenever I am in front of a body of water. But you can also do something simple like allowing yourself to watch a show that you love. Or listen a series of songs that get you up and moving. You can even spend time finding images and articles on Pinterest that will give you new ideas.

We are so lucky to have so much at our fingertips these days. But I think the best advice I can give is to just keep going. Keep creating, keep writing, keep playing–keep working even when you might not feel like it. (Click to Tweet) I think the biggest hurdle is getting yourself to start. Usually, once we start, it doesn’t take that long to get back into it. Also, allow yourself to take breaks. I usually find that I am much more productive after I grant myself a break from my work.


12. We all have people we look up to. Who’s creative work inspires you?

There are so many people. I would say, Betsy Eby, Alyssa Monks, Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly, Edward Degas, Claude Monet, JMW Turner, Renoir, Ross Bleckner, Sargent, Zaria Forman, Tracy Rocca.


13. Do you have a creative support system? Shout them out!

I am so lucky to have the people that continue to support me on a daily basis. I first have to give a shout-out to my mom who continues to support my creative pursuits. I also want to thank Jennifer Schoonmaker who has helped me become the artist that I am today. I want to thank my first art teacher in high school, Lauren LaMance, who is the reason that I am a painter in the first place. I also want to thank Catherine Orer, who continues to help me pursue my creative dreams.



Creative Command: Samantha Kaplan, Abstract Painter 2


What do you think of Samantha Kaplan, her artwork and her thoughts on creativity?

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