Romance is a floral tree swing!

Hey guys! Another week has zipped by and boy was it a doozy! I’m pretty exhausted and in need of some rest and relaxation – maybe on a few floral tree swings? I should probably take advantage of these final summer weekends but I’m very tempted to just curl up somewhere and wait for Monday. hah. That August heat can take a lot out of a person and all the running around I’ve been doing so far this month to festivals and birthday parties (with another next week) is starting to catch up to me.

Anyways as you’ve probably noticed I’m back with another addition to my wedding series! The last time I gushed over killer tablescapes and before that I obsessed over the fantastical bridal designs of Paolo Sebastian. My original plan for today was to highlight wedding venues that I loved but since I’m having a bit of an issue with nailing down my own wedding venue it’s left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Who knew it could be so difficult to lock in the right venue? Some of the vendors we’ve dealt with thus far have been far from professional but I’m not going to dwell on the negative. This is a #nobadvibes #badvibestotheleft #friyay zone! haha

So, moving on to why we’re all here, let’s talk about floral tree swings!

This trend has been popping up more and more lately and I’m all for it. I’m personally the sort’ve girl that images herself in a non-cupcake gown at a venue with a lot of greenery, colors and lights. I imagine the sort’ve bohemian vibe where it would be 100% acceptable to run/dance barefoot in the grass with a standout DJ (music is top priority) full of contagious energy. To me, a floral tree swing is that extra bit of something that makes a special day that much more memorable.  If you’d like to see the full bridal stories click through the below images and feel free to check out more of my bridal whims on Pinterest!

Weddings: Romantic Floral Tree Swings 5

Image via Ruffled

Weddings: Romantic Floral Tree Swings 6

Image via Style Me Pretty

Weddings: Romantic Floral Tree Swings 3

Weddings: Romantic Floral Tree Swings 4

Weddings: Romantic Floral Tree Swings 1

Weddings: Romantic Floral Tree Swings 2

Images via MODWedding

Weddings: Romantic Floral Tree Swings - bridal inspiration

Image via Burnett’s Boards

Weddings: Romantic Floral Tree Swings

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

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What do you think of this trend? Share your thoughts on floral tree swings, browse through my Pinterest Board, and have a great weekend!

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