I’m Moving to D.C.

At the end of last month in my final letter from the editor mag of the year I shared that I would be moving to D.C. I thought that the big move deserved its own post so that I could explain in detail exactly what is happening and why. 

Relocating to D.C. will be the first move that A, my partner, and I will be making as a family. It will also be the first time that I will be moving away from home. 

Now, you might be thinking – what about college? 

I did move from Northern New Jersey to Upstate New York for college and then lived in Australia for half a year during a semester abroad. So, I have lived away from home before. The difference here is that I was in college. To me, the whole point of university is to leave the nest and explore the world on your own terms. 

When I lived in Ithaca I was able to do just that but it was all under the premise of “college.” It was what I was supposed to do and if I ever wanted to go back home I could just make the 3-4 hour trip back to my hometown. I was never really that far away. 

Some families see each other once a year around the holidays. Maybe twice for major family events like births, weddings, graduations etc.  

My family, on the other hand, mostly lives a grand total of 1 minute away from one another. My mother and brother, aunts, cousins, grandma, and great aunts all live next to one another. We talk all the time and we see each other multiple times throughout the week.  We’re extremely close and all that makes this move even more of a bigger deal. 



Why aM I moving to D.C.?

The reason for our move is pretty complicated so I’m just going to give the cliff notes version here. A is an OBGYN doctor who is currently in the final year of his residency. Some doctors choose to complete their residency and then go straight into regular employment, either through a hospital, private practice etc.

Others, including A, decide to continue on with their education and apply to fellowship programs. Each fellowship program focuses on a particular aspect of their field and they end the program as certified specialists. 

The way the fellowship process works, we would’ve had to move wherever he was accepted. It’s not like a typical move where you can say – let’s move to San Francisco and then you find a job there. In this scenario, you have to apply across the country and then wait to see who wants you. 

In our case A was accepted into a really amazing program that only accepts 2 candidates nationwide each year. He’ll be specializing in high-risk pregnancy and genetics and the only catch to this fantastic news is that we have to move to D.C. 

Regardless, I’m incredibly proud of what A has been able to achieve. He’s from Beirut and it’s notoriously harder for foreign applicants to get positions like the one he received. I’m 100% his biggest cheerleader!

The thing is it’s hard to be entirely excited about a move that you didn’t have any input in. As an admitted control freak, moving across state lines without having an ounce of say is going to be the ultimate test! 


Thoughts on moving to D.C

Saying that I have mixed emotions about moving to D.C. is a vast understatement. Sometimes I feel a little silly complaining that I have to live in our nation’s capital. Typing it like that makes it sound like a really cool and exciting adventure. 

I wish I could think about it like a fun change of scenery but it’s a bit difficult for me to do so right now. Living in NYC has always been where I thought my life was headed and switching gears so suddenly is a  big adjustment.

I am, however, thankful for all of the advantages that I have. The fact that my work is online based makes moving a lot easier. I can pretty much pick up and go anywhere and I won’t have to worry about starting from scratch somewhere else.

On another note, I haven’t had the best past experiences in D.C. One of my aunts went to college there and didn’t move back to Jersey until recently. When I was growing up my family would visit her and the surrounding DMV (DC-Maryland-Virgina) area multiple times a year. By the time I reached my teens I had gotten to the point where I would rather scratch my eyes out than go back to that city. 

Now, as life would have it, I’ll be living there for at least 4 years. Quite a cosmic joke, huh? 


When is the move happening?

We’ll be packing up in sometime between May and June of 2017. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get it all done in a week/weekend but, because of scheduling conflicts, we might be moving slowly over the course of a few weeks as he prepares to graduate. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!


How will this change Violet Roots?

Since the move isn’t scheduled until next Summer there won’t be any immediate changes to VR. I am working on a new series featuring creatives from the DMV area. That should begin within a month or two so keep a look out for that. 

After the move, I can’t predict what will or won’t change. Being in a new environment is bound to foster new ideas and inspiration. The possibilities are endless but creativity and vibrant color are things that will always be a part of the VR DNA no matter where I live. 

I hope this life update didn’t sound too doom and gloom. I’m really struggling with having to come to terms with all of this and because of that my commentary might be a bit more negative than the usual fare on here.

For those of you who live in or around D.C. feel free to guide me to the light and show me that I shouldn’t be so worried after all. I’ll probably still wish I could see the NYC skyline every week but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be things I learn to love in D.C. too! 

Until then listen to these awesome tracks about my beloved NYC by The Beastie Boys, Stevie Wonder, Vampire Weekend, Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys! Hear these songs and more dope music on Spotify! 





So that’s what I have to say about moving to D.C.! Know any awesome D.C. based creatives I should meet? Have any new announcements on your end?

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