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Intellectual Property:

All content on this website, including but not limited to, all graphics, words, designs, layouts, photos, information, data, documents, and materials whether registered or unregistered are owned by me. These items are my property and are protected under the intellectual property laws of the United States.

When you use or purchase artwork or any other content being offered on Violet Roots you agree to not duplicate, resell, copy or steal it. Content of any kind on Violet Roots or associated with Violet Roots cannot be reproduced, recorded, stored or transmitted in any way shape or form without my written permission.

Any content that is not owned by us has been credited and linked to its source. If you own an image and would like it removed please notify me. I understand that images may be shared via the internet for personal use I just ask that you credit and link back to this site when using my images.

If you intend to use any images or content for commercial or non-commercial use please email me first to obtain my permission. If my permission is not granted then it is considered theft and I reserve the right to prosecute its unauthorized use.



Products, services, commissions, programs, subscriptions, and agreements are subject to the terms and conditions. These terms will be referred to if a conflict arises.

When you make a purchase you agree to give accurate information and you acknowledge that personal payment information is being transmitted. This information will not be used for anything other than to complete the transaction.

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This information is kept via these third-party vendors and I do not have access to it. I have chosen these vendors after careful consideration, however, I am not liable or responsibilities for any damages, losses, data breaches or violations of any kind that may occur when dealing with any of these vendors.

When you purchase an original artwork or digital download you are subject to the details, payment process/schedule and refund policy listed in the product description of each individual product. In the case of commissions, a contract will be given along with an invoice for the non-refundable deposit. Patrons are expected to fulfill their initial invoice and to provide all necessary information outlined in the contract in order to receive their commissioned artwork.

In the event that the patron does not wish to receive the finished product, they do not have to. If the product gets lost or damaged during shipping I am not responsible and a refund will not be given. The patron is eligible to receive a complimentary discount on a future purchase.



Use of this website indicates that you agree to the Terms and Condition, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy and are at least 18 years of age. Your continued use of this site if you are under the age of 18 is unauthorized and in violation of these terms.

This website and its content is for educational and informational purposes only. The information on Violet Roots and in its associated materials, products, programs etc. are available for use as self-help and do not guarantee any result. This is not meant to be viewed as the equivalent of, or in place of, professional advice from a psychiatrist, therapist or coach.

You are responsible for any outcome or result that may occur after use of this website and it’s associated content. I am not responsible for any results to your personal or business life and, to the fullest extent of the law, I do not claim any warranties or liability.

This website may contain affiliate marketing links. Regardless, none of the editorial content will be influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. All sponsored and affiliate content on Violet Roots will be disclosed (with an italicized notation) and all opinions will be honest and unaltered.

The sponsored brands featured have separate privacy policies and, therefore, Violet Roots has no responsibility, control or liability for the services or content of these linked third-party brands. In the interests of our readers, sponsored content will always be carefully curated and will never be falsely characterized in a way that hides any faults, negatives, or is in any way misleading.

Once you leave this website or are redirected to another site you are governed by their Terms and not those on this site. Any loss/damage or alleged loss/damage done by these third parties is not the responsibility of this website.


Sponsorship Review:

All potential sponsors and affiliates are carefully reviewed and presented to readers after thoughtful consideration. Violet Roots is contacted by many brands but only those with substantial benefit or interest to the majority of readers will be showcased. All reviews are honest and a proper disclaimer is noted.

  • What is sponsored content?
    Sponsored content is any post that is denoted with a disclaimer. This content appears on Violet Roots in exchange for compensation which can take the form of a monetary profit, discount, merchandise, exposure etc.
  • What is an affiliate?
    Affiliate programs like Shop Style Collective are, at times, used on this site. This means that if you click and/or purchase an item using a direct link from this site a commission is earned. The price you pay for the item does not change or increase in any way.
    Shop Style and other affiliate networks are disclosed at the beginning of each post.


Controversial Content:

All content on Violet Roots is made without malicious intent and is presented with the best interests of the reader in mind. However, any media published with an asterisk notation (*) may contain controversial content that some may find offensive.

This “(*)” notation is there to let you know that you should proceed at your own risk. You are welcome to voice your opinion on such content in the comments or by contacting us but it does not guarantee it’s removal.


User Generated Content & Comment Policy:

User generated content, as in social media, comments and more are publicly available to anyone who accesses this website. Comments are welcome on Violet Roots however we retain the right to remove any comment or social share as we see fit. Comments are subject to removal if they are abusive, inflammatory, unlawful, offensive, defamatory or inappropriate.

All comments left on Violet Roots are owned by the commenter. You retain full liability for anything that may result from your comment, including interactions with other users, and relieve us from all liability.

By commenting you agree to grant us an irrevocable license to use your comment as we see fit. This includes for promotional purposes as well as any future or current need to store, reproduce, distribute, display, present or feature your comment in any format such as in a book, video, class, blog, social media or in other ways not listed. The terms of the license are worldwide, non-exclusive and without royalty.


Privacy Policy:

Information is collected from you when you subscribe to our newsletter, leave or reply to a comment, respond to a survey, or purchase an item and enter your name, email, shipping/billing address and credit card information.

You have the option of leaving an anonymous comment and any email address you input will not be publicly listed. This information may be used to improve user experience, send periodic emails and administer promotions.

Your personal identifiable information will not be sold to third-party services and I make every effort to secure your information. Regardless of my efforts, nothing on the internet is 100% secure and through these policies, you agree to and acknowledge this risk when using this website.

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Some users are from the California area and therefore adherence to CalOPPA is necessary. To learn more about it click here.

In compliance with CalOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act):

  • Users can request a change to their information by emailing us directly.
  • Users will be notified of changes to the privacy policy when adjustments are made to this page.
  • A link to the privacy policy is included on the homepage and includes the word privacy.In addition, to comply with COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) Violet Roots does not market to children under 13.
  • To comply with the Fair Information Practices we’ll notify users as soon as possible via email of any data breaches.
  • Third-party companies, like Google Adsense, are allowed to present ads and use anonymous information during your visit to this site in order to showcase products that would be of greater interest to you. They use non-identifiable information to achieve this goal, this is called Online Behavioral Advertising.
  • To satisfy the CAN-SPAM Act should a user ever wish to unsubscribe from this blog or its email list please directly contact Violet Roots here and you will be removed from all further correspondence.



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