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My name is Monika, the blogger behind Violet Roots (VR), and I’d love to collaborate with you! I’m always open to connecting with like-minded institutions to collaborate on a variety of projects and services. If you’re a brand or blogger looking to promote your website or product on VR I’d be happy to discuss any and all proposals, projects, and inquiries that fit the VR Woman vibe and aesthetic.


Who is the VR Woman?

The VR Woman is a young creative maven with a love for color and eagerness to better herself. She’s compassionate, spirited and not afraid to color outside the lines. Giving back to the community is a priority for her and she gravitates toward brands who do the same.

You’ll find the latest music in her phone, boots on her feet, and her next adventure on her mind. The VR Woman savors the small moments in life and values experiences over clutter. 

If your collaboration idea is the right match for my audience I’d love to hear from you! Below you’ll find helpful tips for brand and blogger partnerships.

For further information and detailed demographics email me or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Are you a BRAND?

I love spreading the word about noteworthy brands! Brands and products are featured on Violet Roots in a variety of ways such as product reviews and placement, social promotion and more. Please be aware that I will turn down any pre-made text in order to maintain integrity and consistency. All inquiries will be seriously considered but sponsorships will only be accepted if the brand in question is a good match.

Collaboration Project Categories: Creativity, Art, Music, Self-Care & Lifestyle


Collaborate and join brands like WGACAJill StuartWarby ParkerWeWork, AlterreIrresistible Me, Befunky, Project JustHipmunk & more!



Are you a BAND?

Music is a big part of what makes Violet Roots resonate with its readers. If you are a band, musician or are the representation of one I’d love to hear from you! In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please make sure that your musical style is in line with the acts that I currently feature on Violet Roots. Some of the collaborations that are available are social media shares/promotion, artist interviews, and concert reviews. For other possibilities feel free to get in touch!


Blogger? Find out how you can collaborate by guest posting, participating in popular community interviews & more!


None of the above?

I’ll be happy to discuss all general inquiries. Email me or get in touch by filling out the below form.


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