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We’re back with another round of Creative Command interviews featuring the lovely Devon Meves of U Ready, Teddy? I’m particularly excited about this interview because Devon is a former art teacher turned blogger and art museum consultant. In other words, she’s exactly my kind of girl!

I used to think that all my creative energy would end up leading me toward becoming an art teacher. There is even a top that you can see in an older post that I lovingly call my “art teacher” shirt. It’s bursting with color and the print just reminds me of a possible life I could have lived. Long story short it makes me happy!

Like the previous interview, I think there are a lot of relatable nuggets in here, especially for those of you who are moms and have to juggle their creative growth alongside their children.

I’m not a mom yet but despite that, I believe that no matter what your life looks like we can all pick up useful tips from one another. So, without further ado, let’s meet Devon Meves!  


Creative Command: Devon Meves - Creative Command, featuring Devon Meves, is an interview series that discusses the creative process, mental blocks, and inspiration strategies!



1. Tell us your name, about your blog, biz, or creative pursuits!

Hi! My name is Devon and my blog is U Ready, Teddy? I am an education consultant at an art museum and a former elementary art teacher. After I left the classroom and had a baby I wanted to use my experience and ideas to help other parents and caregivers implement fun, creative and educational activities at home. I also enjoy sharing my photography, designs, decor, DIYs and favorite products.


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2. How would you define “Creativity”?

To me, creativity is coming up with your own ideas and not just doing what everyone else is doing. (Click to Tweet)


3. What would you say to someone who thought you had to be an artist in order to be creative?

Creativity can be anything from improvising a recipe when you don’t have all of the ingredients to putting together a cute outfit. You don’t have to have any artist skill to come up with a good idea.


4. Would you consider yourself a creative person? Has it been something you’ve worked toward or is it natural to you?

I think I’ve always been a creative person. When I was younger I had a crazy imagination and would always play pretend. The Arts became the perfect outlet for my imagination because I drew all the crazy things I thought of and pretended to be different characters in plays and musicals. When I became an art teacher my favorite part of the job was thinking of new projects and ideas for my students and inspiring them to use their creativity.


Creative Command: Devon Meves - Creative Command, featuring Devon Meves, is an interview series that discusses the creative process, mental blocks, and inspiration strategies!


5. What do you do to keep yourself in the creative mindset?

It’s hard sometimes to stay in the creative mindset. Having an 8-month-old, I don’t have a lot of time to draw or paint. I wasn’t in the classroom anymore so when I thought of a cool new project there was nothing I could do with it. That is why I started my blog. Through blogging and Instagram, I could share my creative ideas, experiment with web design and photography and think of creative marketing strategies.


6. How has creativity impacted your blog or business?

Creativity had impacted my blog in a lot of ways. I try to think of things that haven’t been done before or add my own creative twist to things. On Instagram, my creativity has opened up opportunities to collaborate with small businesses and shops. One of my favorite parts of Instagram has been thinking of creative ways to advertise products.


7. What inspires you to create and achieve your goals?

I’ve just always had an intrinsic motivation to create and to improve myself. My goal is always to be better than I was the day before; a better mom, a better blogger, better at being organized, better at my job. I’ve always felt like if I wasn’t actively trying to get better I was getting worse.


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8. What does it look and feel like when you’re in creation mode?

It looks like a big mess. When I have an idea I have to start right away and then usually in the middle of that idea I come up with another idea so I start that.

Eventually, I’ve got 3-4 different projects (usually unfinished) scattered all over the floor. Some of the projects get finished and others get banished to a pile of crap in my craft room never to be seen or heard from again.


9. What is your initial reaction when you realize you’re in a creative rut?

I get frustrated when I can’t think of creative ideas so I usually just take a break from trying. I’ve noticed that creativity always hits you when you aren’t trying.


10. Tell us about a recent moment where you felt “stuck” creatively?

Recently I thought of an idea for a DIY project that I thought was so creative and then looked online and saw that it had been done a million times before on Pinterest. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It makes it feel like it’s impossible to come up with something new or creative.


11. What do you focus your energy on when you’re feeling stuck?

I usually just forget about it and focus my energy on my son and just living my life. Then I’ll come across some obstacle that needs a creative solution and it inspires me to think of an idea.


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12. We all have people we look up to. Who’s creative work inspires you?

I’ve always been inspired by my mom’s creativity. She always used to throw the cutest and most creative birthday parties for me as a kid way before Pinterest.

She would make creative snacks and games and obstacle courses for us. That’s the kind of creative mom I want to be. As long as my kids appreciate my creativity it doesn’t matter to me what anyone else thinks.


13. Have any creativity related questions you’d like to ask me?

Do you ever feel too much creative energy that makes it hard to stick with an idea (for example, sticking to a design for your blog?) I feel like I change my mind every other day!

Monika: Yes! Sometimes I go through lulls where I burnout and can’t seem to think about anything at all. There are also times when I have a new idea but bringing that idea to fruition can become overwhelming when you factor in the countless different routes I can go in.

For example, I have a new story idea in my head that I’ve been thinking about for a few months. You’d think by now I’d have the idea nailed down but there are just so many angles that I can take this thing in. It’s hard to just pick one and run with it but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do.


Creative Command: Devon Meves - Creative Command, featuring Devon Meves, is an interview series that discusses the creative process, mental blocks, and inspiration strategies!


What do you think of Devon Meves, her blog U Ready, Teddy? and her thoughts on creativity?

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